2021 Seven Apart Expedition

Cabernet Sauvignon

For those just beginning their expedition, we recommend starting at the base of the mountain and experiencing this Cabernet Sauvignon blended with grapes from our Base Camp Vineyard. This wine is intended to guide you throughout your entire journey, since after all, you have to work your way to the Summit.

The Journey


September 13, 2021 through October 19, 2021

Aged In oak

18 months


April 26, 2023


September 2023

95% Cabernet Sauvignon, 3 % Cabernet Franc, 2% Petit Verdot

Base Camp Vineyard and Stags Ridge Vineyard

70 Barrels Produced

Tasting Notes

Winemaker Morgan Maurèze

2021 was a great vintage for Napa Valley. Limited winter and spring rains resulted in lower than normal yields due to smaller berries. These drought conditions followed by a perfect summer season allowed the winemakers to obtain optimal balanced ripeness. As a result, the wines are well-structured, full-bodied, and intensely flavored. 

The grapes are hand harvested at night to ensure that the grapes come in cold in order to minimize oxidation. The grapes are slowly fermented at cooler temperatures to help preserve aromas. Once the initial fermentation is complete, the wine is transferred to French oak barrels where Malolactic fermentation takes place to soften and stabilize the wines. The wine is then racked off its lees and aged for 18 months in barrels before bottling. 

Out of the bottle, this wine is beautifully rich in color with an intense ruby hue towards the edge of the glass. On the nose, the wine greets you with aromas of dark red cherries, blackberries, and ripe cranberries. On the palate, the wine greets you with soft tannins and vibrant freshness that builds to a well-balanced midpalate, giving way to a luscious, lingering finish brimming with layers of ripe black plum, raspberries, blackberry coulis, licorice, and a hint of mocha.


Approachable upon releases. Cellaring 5-8 years will reward with a slightly developed bottle bouquet. Can age 25+ years.

Once you are ready to savor the wine, we highly suggest decanting.

Decant young wines for 1 hour and add 1 hour of decanting for every 10 years of age. You can speed decanting wine by pouring the wine once or twice between two decanters (or between the decanter and the wine bottle with a funnel). If you don’t have a decanter, swirl your wine in the glass. The swirling increases the surface area of wine to oxygen and aerates it just as decanting would.



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