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The Makers & Story behind it all

Millions of years ago, Mount Saint Helena erupted, spewing lava and ash across what today is called Napa Valley. Since then, much of the land has been cultivated, but certain hard-to-reach areas remained covered in volcanic rock. In 1999, one brave vintner decided to excavate a block of land atop Atlas Peak, approximately 1,475 feet above the valley floor. The volcanic rock formation was intense and concentrated with large boulders, but determination paid off, and the land was finally cleared and planted with grapevines. The vineyard was named Stags Ridge and quickly flourished. The pursuit of greatness is an endless road, but every decision along the way is critical. Our proprietor Don Dady is a lover of exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon. This passion led him to the summit of Atlas Peak in Napa when he purchased Stags Ridge Vineyard in 2018. He quickly got to work and assembled a world-class winemaking and viticultural team to bring his vision for the next generation of premium Napa Cabernet Sauvignon to life.

In Pursuit of Perfection

At Seven Apart, we understand that as a wine connoisseur, you are always searching for the next great Napa Cabernet Sauvignon. For Don, in order to create the finest wine possible, it was critical to follow the sage advice of his college business professor:

“Always find seven compelling reasons that set your proposed investment apart. If you can’t, don’t invest!”

Throughout his journey to bring Seven Apart to life, Don carefully evaluated each decision to ensure it sets the brand apart. His hard work resulted in this impressive list. The first four distinctive elements stood out on Stags Ridge:



Our vines grow in world-class, dense rocky soil that offers incredible complexity and elegance in the wines.



At 1,475 feet above the valley floor, the vineyard sits above the fog line and enjoys the morning sun. This results in perfectly ripe fruit that will develop beautifully over the years in your cellar.



Our vineyards face the Pritchard Gap which captures a breeze directly off the San Francisco Bay every afternoon. This cooling effect results in higher quality fruit.


Vineyard layout

Our vineyard is perfectly positioned to channel the afternoon breeze to help lower sugar and acidity to desired levels.

Down the hill in the Base Camp Vineyard, the last three elements come together in the cellar:


State-of-the-art production facility

We have all the tools to select and delicately nurture the fruit throughout the fermentation process to achieve the best possible results.


Exceptional Hospitality

We have the opportunity to bring you the best in service and experience within our considered hospitality building.


World-Class Winemaking

While great wine starts in the vineyard, the pursuit of perfection continues in the cellar. Our talented and meticulous winemaking team ensures that every wine we craft reflects our terroir and elevates us to new heights.

At Seven Apart, we believe this unique combination of perfect terroir, expert winemaking, and a world-class facility is key to producing iconic wines.

We Owe It To The Land

The wine’s success is all due to our two vineyards Stags Ridge and Base Camp. While Stags Ridge sits atop a peak, Base Camp thrives on the majestic valley floor where the Silverado Trail meets Soda Canyon Road in Napa.

Stags Ridge’s soil, or really lack thereof, makes our wines intense and full of character. The vines are planted in harsh, red volcanic clay, and there’s little water to go around. The result is small berries, rich with color and tannin, making for wines that will age for decades. There are three varieties grown in the vineyard: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot. The vines have been growing there since 1999, and nothing has been replanted since. This element of practically untouched territory in some of Napa’s most prestigious and sought-after land is what makes Stags Ridge such a gem. It can only get better.

Seven miles down the mountain at an elevation of only 55 to 75 feet, our Base Camp vineyard consists of sand, silt, clay, and gravel soils. Originally planted to multiple red and white grape varietals, our team is currently replanting to double-down on the vineyard’s textbook growing conditions for richly structured Cabernet Sauvignon.

Building The Future Of Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

With outstanding vineyards and a world-class winemaking team in place, the final piece of the equation for great wine was a home to craft it in. In 2018 we broke ground on our Base Camp vineyard to build a state-of-the-art winery. No detail was too small for founder Don, who carefully designed a facility outfitted with the finest equipment possible.


After the grapes are handpicked, they are carefully crushed in our new winery and then left to age in premium French oak barrels. Time and patience then become the secret ingredient as the wines gracefully age and mature. The winemaking team then carefully blend the best barrels of wine before they are bottle-aged until release. With such low yields from the two vineyards and exacting quality standards, we are only able to produce a few thousand cases each year. Limited by nature, but rewarding in every sip.


For those that have met Don, his generosity knows no bounds. He is eager to invite friends old and new over to share in outstanding wines. His approach is infectious and has become a central tenant in the Seven Apart experience. For active members of our Allocation List, they are exclusively invited to visit our Base Camp and experience an unparalleled taste of Napa Valley. Managing Partner Yannick Girardo and team invite our members to live Don’s vision for great wine: “Life can be chaotic and feel non-stop, but a great bottle of wine should be able to stop you in your tracks, make the world stop spinning, and allow you to savor the moment.”

Extreme Mountain-Grown Napa Cabernet

Our high-touch, single variety-driven range guarantees our focus never sways. We are proud to exclusively craft four distinct Cabernet Sauvignons available for purchase exclusively via our Allocation List.

Each wine has a distinctive flavor profile that wine lovers will readily enjoy. Our Seven Apart Expedition is a blend of fruit from Base Camp and Stags Ridge. Our Seven Apart Shale, Seven Apart Basalt, and Seven Apart Summit are all single-vineyard wines from Stags Ridge. While some may think it is redundant to create three types of Cabernet Sauvignon from one vineyard, we rise to the challenge to showcase our ability to utilize every aspect of the vineyard’s potential by highlighting unique blocks and barrel selections.


 Seven Apart Expedition Cabernet Sauvignon

For those just beginning their expedition with Seven Apart, we recommend starting at the base of the mountain and experiencing this Cabernet Sauvignon blended with grapes from our Base Camp Vineyard and a touch of mountain top fruit from Stags Ridge Vineyard.

 Seven Apart Shale Cabernet Sauvignon

Our Stags Ridge Vineyard is blessed with sedimentary Shale rock. The uniqueness of the soil shows a beautiful composition of a brittle and softer structure that reflects the style of the wine with multiple silky layers. It showcases the true character of the terroir that has been in the making for millions of years.

 Seven Apart Basalt Cabernet Sauvignon

As we celebrate the glorious mountain Atlas Peak that is home to our Stags Ridge Vineyard, we pay homage to its geological makeup. Basalt rocks are formed from volcanic activity: dark, fine-grained, and quite hard. This namesake wine shares those qualities and accentuates the bolder and richer side of mountain-grown Cabernet Sauvignon.

 Seven Apart Summit Cabernet Sauvignon

The climb to the Summit is never easy. It takes perseverance and only the best ever make it. Indulge in a wine that celebrates those worthy of the trek and who want to experience the thrill of reaching the top.



Meet the Team

Morgan Maureze


Prior to joining Seven Apart, Morgan worked at iconic French wineries, including Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, Château Pétrus, and Château Haut-Brion. In Napa Valley he trained under Winemaker Andy Erickson for fifteen years and spent six years as Winemaker at Marciano Estate in Napa.

Mike Wolf

Vineyard Manager

Named "Napa Valley Grape Grower of the Year", Mike is a legend in the vineyards. He has overseen Napa's most iconic vineyards including Beckstoffer, Scarecrow, and the replanting of To Kalon. He manages the farming and viticulture of our two estate vineyards Stags Ridge and Base Camp.

Jorge Lopez

Cellar Master

Overseeing daily operations in the cellar, Jorge brings a wealth of knowledge. He worked previously for a decade each with David Abreu and Andy Erickson at the helm of iconic Napa wineries.

Yannick Girardo

Managing Partner

A native of Nice, France, Yannick has led the hospitality and management of some of the world's most luxurious restaurants, hotels, and wineries including Restaurant Daniel in New York City and Auberge du Soleil in Napa Valley. He manages Seven Apart, overseeing all aspects of the business.

Don Dady


Don is a quintessential oenophile and bon vivant. A native of Santa Rosa, California, his career in the financial services industry led to his settling down in Phoenix, Arizona, but Napa was always calling his name. In 2018 he began his lifelong pursuit to create the next generation of world-class Cabernet Sauvignon houses and founded Seven Apart.

Begin your Expedition.

Conquer the Summit.

Exclusively available by allocation and crafted to age beyond the decade, each bottle of Seven Apart will guide you on an expedition to savor Napa At Its Peak. If you’re on the hunt for a wine that is built to last, crafted to impress, and made to stand at the apex of its category, then look no further.

We invite you to join our Allocation List and experience Seven Apart for yourself.

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