Seven Apart Decanter

Limited Edition

Only 100 Commissioned

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Forged from the fire, inspired by the mountains. This limited edition crystal glass Seven Apart decanter is a collaboration with glass artist Dante Germain. Each decanter is handblown, molded, and engraved. A 3D mountain emerges from the base, paying homage to our famed Atlas Peak vineyard. Each is packed and shipped in a laser cut padded collectors case complete with a certificate of authenticity.

About Glass Artist Dante Germain

Dante Germain is known for his clean, organic, and modern aesthetic with his sculptural and functional designs.

Dante’s primary body of work stemmed from ideas revolved around water quality issues. Over time, Dante discovered that glass is a perfect medium to represent water, allowing him to capture a moment in time like a sculptural photograph.

His most recent project has been designing a line of glassware, decanters and vases shaped from rocks collected from local and iconic bodies of water. The idea is for people to drink, hold, interact, but most of all to think about their relationship and experiences with their favorite river or body of water.

Once he collects the rocks from the lake or river, he blows the molten glass into the rocks at about 2000 Degrees Fahrenheit. The aesthetic is simple and clean, emphasizing the beautiful organic features shaped only by nature.

Watch the full video for the behind the scenes of the making of this decanter here:

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How many decanters can I purchase?

With only 100 produced, we are limiting orders to one per member.

When will my decanter ship?

Our goal is to ship the decanters directly from Dante’s studio in Minnesota in early December with delivery prior to Christmas.