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How to Enjoy the 2018 Expedition

“Expedition is truly the introduction to Seven Apart that will show the potential for all the other wines we will be releasing over time.” ~ Yannick Girado, Seven Apart general manager

The Journal | Special Edition

Advice from Yannick Girardo, Seven Apart General Manager, on how best to enjoy 2018 Expedition. “Expedition is truly the introduction to Seven Apart that will show the potential for all the other wines we will be releasing over time,” says Yannick. “Andy [Andy Erickson, Seven Apart winemaker] and his team have done an amazing job crafting that wine.”

Should Seven Apart wines be decanted? 

Decanting, or at the very least opening the bottle up an hour prior to consuming it, will be of benefit. The 2018 Expedition, for example, is still developing and has been showing a lot of its potential since we bottled it back in May. It is consistently getting better and better. 

Why decant, and for how long?

The 2018 is still young and the alcohol is definitely heavier, should you simply open it and drink immediately. I’ve found that letting it breathe for an hour, and adjusting to room temperature, softens it and shows all the characteristics of the wine. 

Should 2018 Expedition be aged? 

Expedition has been crafted with the thought process that you can enjoy it upon release. Still, it is a wine that has a lot of potential and would certainly show beautifully should you age it for a few years. 

The ageing process will allow the wine to really express itself over time. Two to five years in the cellar will soften the tannin, alcohol and acidity of the wine.

How should Seven Apart wines be stored?

Storing 2018 Expedition and other Seven Apart wines in a 55F degree environment such as a wine cooler or cellar is preferred, especially for those looking to age and collect these wines. 

What if I don’t have a cellar or wine cooler?

If you don’t own a wine cooler or a cellar, consider a dry storage space such as a pantry or closet as an alternative. Choose a spot with limited light exposure, where temperature isn’t fluctuating consistently. If you go this route, we suggest consuming your bottles at a faster pace, since the storage temperature will be higher than the recommended 55F degrees.

What else should I know?

Look forward to upcoming releases: Shale, Basalt and Summit. These single vineyard wines will focus entirely on the Stags Ridge property on Atlas Peak and will showcase singular expressions from different blocks throughout the vineyard.


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